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That looks like a good packaging. The package looks good.

I think that is a good game there. There is the pokemon.

I think these r good packages. It’s the ones for like the nuts with the package. #packaging


 Learning Real History—Not School History

 If you are an American, born and raised, reading this article, then you were most likely told as a child the same Thanksgiving fairytale that I was. Presumably, we all went through a similar rude awakening later in life when we were taught the real history, not the BS Americanized version.

There is American education. That’s the real thing.


Shapeable Hard Lines" by Eugenia Loli.

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I think this does look good with the building though there can be the whole picture.






With the director, there are different genres of movies. Clint Eastwood I think is a good actor.


That looks like a nice cat. The cat has a nice color.

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Native American Legend of How the Bluebird got its color

That looks like a nice bird. That’s a nice color. #Native legends


Sketching holidays - France

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This looks like a good drawing. The drawing does look good there.


Robert Bubel

This is a good work of art. It does look good there.



This one I think is a good one with the color. It is like lime.


happy national dog day tumbling and eating pizza ♥

This is a great work of art. There’s the dog with the pizza.


Atlanta Dream-Chicago-Sky Game 3 Preview

A shocking loss a home in the series opener left Angel McCoughtry feeling on edge, and she took out her frustrations in Game 2 while helping the top-seeded Atlanta Dream even their first-round series with the Chicago Sky.Another solid performance in Tuesday night’s decisive Game 3 against visiting Chicago would get Atlanta closer to its fourth Eastern Conference title in five years.

I’m going for LA Sparks. Cooper is there.


SAVE THE WORLD’S OLDEST FILM SET! Universal Studios’ Stage 28 has a lot of memories. Parts of Dracula, Torn Curtain, and The Sting were filmed there, to name only a few. Built for the silent Phantom of the Opera (1925), the original Paris opera sets are still there. Some say the soundstage is haunted—but those ghosts might be homeless soon.

Because the word is that Universal plans to tear down this landmark of Hollywood history.

If you want to save Stage 28, SIGN THIS PETITION NOW. And also sign this one. This is really important. It’s part of our cultural heritage.

I don’t like to ask favors of you lovely people who follow me, but please, please, please do this. Together you are mighty enough to reach the goal.

I think Universal Studios should keep Stage 28 with the set. It does have cultural heritage. I think it’s a good one. #universal horror