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This is great artwork. It is a good GIF. #gif


A diagram of the movement of the Moon around the Earth (seen here) and a recipe for invisible ink await you in Mary Smith’s Commonplace Book. Help us make Mary’s journal of scientific inquiry more accessible by becoming a digital volunteer at the Smithsonian Transcription Center.

There is the orbital pull of the Earth with the moon. That’s in space.


Week 2 of my Artist in Residence at the Disney Wonderground Gallery in the Downtown Disney District, Anaheim!

Tonight I completed my first live performance painting and I think I am starting to get used to drawing in a fish bowl-like setting..ha!

Details-Princess Jasmine. 8x10 $550 (SOLD) Windsor and Newton gouache and decked out with glitter!

Each original piece I do will be immediately for sale through the gallery and no prints will be made. Come by to check them out! :)

If you are not in the area and are interested in any paintings I post throughout my Artist in Residence during the month of August you can purchase by contacting the Wonderground Gallery. The Merchandise Guest Service number is 877-560-6477.

This is good artwork. There is the Disney princess.


How to Make a Moccasin Bow Tie

Originally created by Native Americans, moccasins are leather shoes lined with fur, or more in modern manufacturing, fleece. Different styles of moccasins were designed for different climates. The plains tribes crafted low cut booties with laces that tie on the vamp (upper) of the shoe. Woodland and colder region tribes styles made high-top or boot-style moccasins with laces woven along the front of the boot, or threaded through side flaps and tied in the back of the moccasin.

This looks like a good Moccasin shoe. There is the bow tie on the Moccasin shoe. It does look good with the shoe.


Marlene Tenorio Vallo – Santa Ana

Marlene Tenorio-Vallo was born in 1963 to the Pueblo of Santa Ana. She was inspired to hand craft ceramic pottery by her husband, Nathaniel Vallo. He taught her how to paint and etch her pottery. She has been etching intricate designs on pottery since 1988. The lucrative aspect of the business was also a great inspiration for Marlene to continue a long lived family tradition.

This looks like a great ceramic pottery. There is the pattern on the pottery.


I think for me my earliest memory would b of going to an Air Force show.


The very talented, troyesivan, just released a music video for his song ‘Happy Little Pill’ and I made a gif for it! Thank you ryan for the opportunity!

This GIF looks great. There’s the owl. It’s a good one.


Lame Deer residents accused of meth trafficking; exposing children to drug

Two Lame Deer residents on Monday denied federal charges of methamphetamine trafficking in a residence here children were present.
Leslie Bear Comes Out, 32, and Delphine Medicine Horse, 40, pleaded not guilty to charges in an eight-count indictment during an arraignment before U.S. Magistrate Judge Carolyn Ostby in Billings.

This would b a drug charge on this one.


Look who dropped by on @takepartlive tonight! 😱😭😄 #kermit

There’s Kermit the Frog. Kermit is on the show.


This video is LITERALLY awesome…

This one looks like a good one.

Zatanna #15

This is a good comic. It’s a good one.

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This is a good purple color.


Orbit Rising
Philippe Roy

This is good visual art. It’s a good one #visual art


Hey, I’m taking 20 small (5.5x8.5”) watercolor commissions.  Only $25 each!  Actually, I posted this on twitter and facebook first (sorry) so I’mactually down to 13 commissions, but still, if anyone wants one, figured I’d make ‘em available.

Details and paypal link here.

There’s also The Joker.