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This is a good work of art. There’s the donuts. Doh.

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"Living Within the Scratch in Time"

Like a scratched record, 
the Time Travelers repeat their mistakes.
Whether reasons selfish or good intentioned, 
their timeline always breaks.

Constantly trapping themselves within a pointless box,
And time eternally starting over, as it reaches the paradox.

Thinking they’ve traveled forward, they’re doomed to relive the past.
This time it’ll play out the same way again, just like it did in the last.

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That’s a good artwork. It does look good. The poetry is a good one.


The opposite side of the giant two-faced monstroctopus order I posted up yesterday. :D

The monstroctopus marine life does look good. There’s the monstroctopus. #artists on tumblr


Letter to Snyder Says Stop Saying People of Color Aren’t Part of Campaign Against Redskins

A letter refuting suggestions that the opposition to the Redskins name is the work of the liberal white elite rather than Native Americans and other people of color was sent to Daniel Snyder last week, USA TODAY reports.

The Redskins is a NFL football mascot. It is the mascot of the team. It’s part of the team.


Yavapai Nation Ambitiously Rebranding Already Stellar Resort

Arizona’s Yavapai Nation plans to strike out on its own after nearly 10 years in partnership with the Radisson hotel chain. Opened in 2005 as a 246-room Radisson Fort McDowell Resort Hotel, the tribe will re-launch and re-brand that property in September as the We-Ko-Pa Resort and Conference Center.  “This isn’t a dump-the-Radisson move,” says Acting General Manager Craig Benell.  “It has always been the goal to show that the Nation can manage its own operations.”

That looks like a good resort. The resort looks good.


Today is my birthday and I’m ending the day feeling like a satisfied, sleepy sloth, gently being carried away by a bagillion balloons!

That looks like a good drawing. There’s a sloth with the color balloons.


Jumping spider in the lab that I had the pleasure of working with.

Tiputini, Ecuador

Help fund women in science.

That’s the Jumping Spider one. There are different ones in tropical too.

Those chocolates look good. It does look good.


If you could dive into a pool filled with anything, what would it be? “I want to cannonball into gummy bears.” – Male, 25, Wisconsin

Created by David Brandon Geeting


365 concerts. 365 Days.  Only on Yahoo. Announcing the launch of Yahoo Live!

Yahoo! Live does sounds good. The concerts sound good.


Coeur d’Alene Tribe finds racist graffiti left on historical marker

The Idaho State Police is seeking information about a racist message left on a historical marker on the Coeur d’Alene Reservation.
Someone wrote “White Power” and “Die (expletive) Indians” on a sign at the DeSmet Mission. The graffiti was painted over but the tribe condemned the “hurtful words” left there.

This is vandalism. The perpetrators should b charged. There is the mission.


Following the World Cup? Here is Mandy Barker’s “Penalty – The World,” comprised of footballs from 38 different countries.

There are many soccer balls there. It does look good.


giraffe observing - acrylic on canvas board - Crystal Smith

this little giraffe is up for sale at Daily Paintworks

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This is a good artwork of a Giraffe. There is good texture.

I think Tumblr is a good one. It’s a social network blog.

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by Andi Tracey

This is a good landscape picture. There’s the range.